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Cut your emissions

Hydrogen engine cleaning

The technology of cleaning the engine with hydrogen has been known for years, guarantees the safety of all elements and brings excellent results, visible after the first treatment.


The method involves raising the temperature in the engine cylinders, thanks to which the impurities contained in them with carbon particles are removed along with the exhaust gas. Using this method, the DPF particulate filter, piston rings and turbocharger are simultaneously cleaned. The whole procedure takes from 30-60 minutes depending on the engine capacity and does not require disassembly of the engine, below the most important advantages of the machine.

Removing gas up to 75%

Reduce fuel expenses by up to 15%

Power Boosts

Faster and smooth acceleration, works quietly and cleanses evenly.

Effective on bigger and older

More visible effects on older and bigger engines.

Our company was found with purpose to be different then other companies. To care about our environment and produce products that can lead to slowing global warming.